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Do We Owe It To Our Kids To Go Organic

Considering the old adage “you are what you eat”, do we owe it to our children’s health and well-being to go organic? It seems that no matter where you may be standing within in any developed country, you will be surrounded by toxic chemicals. And I’m not just talking about a toxic waste dump that could be secretly hiding around the corner in that vacant lot down the road from your house.

The Centers for Disease Control  reports that, on average, any American has trace elements of almost thirty pesticides within the body. A panel of doctors reported that most of this exposure is through food. This threat affects not just the current world population, but future generations as well. Many of these toxins affect reproductive health. In order to secure good health for our children and assure that they can have healthy children of their own, we may very well owe it to our children to go completely organic and become advocates of organic farming methods.

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