Hypergraphia And Epilepsy

I have always been a writer since I can remember. It’s possible I was born with a pencil in my hand. I was also born with a brain injury that very possibly caused my epilepsy. My epilepsy could very possibly be the reason I was born with a pencil in my hand.

Epileptics who present with hypergraphia are considered to have “Geschwind syndrome”. Geschwind was a doctor who, in conjuction with another doctor by the name of Waxman, were made famous by an article they wrote describing how people with temporal lobe epilepsy sometimes have a compulsion to write excessively.  Writing styles are as varied as the patients. Some may be very creative and coherent while others can deliver what is a rambling, illogical mess.

Children, Pets and Grief

Recently my family lost a beloved family member, Sparky. He had been with us for almost eighteen years and was also a hero. Sparky was a dog who wandered into our lives as a puppy abandoned at a city park and we brought him home with us.

In the beginning it was “iffy” if Sparky was going to be a keeper. He seemed awfully aggressive. Not with the family, but with anyone who passed by the front yard. He would get so agitated he would chew through the wood fence and chase their phantom passage down the street. The delay of the chewing through the fence assured the unsuspecting stranger had gotten well away but Sparky just had to make sure. Unfortunately, Sparky could never remember where his exit hole was so he would chew another entrance hole. Despite his destructive security measures, my children and I adored him. My husband, not so much. You see, he was the one who was always having to patch up the fence.