My Soup Diet

Often, many people tend to gain weight during the colder months of winter. I have found a way to defeat the winter bulge. During this season of cold winds and snowstorms, there is nothing more comforting that getting cozy with a hot, bowl of soup. Keeping a layer of winter fat at bay is another benefit of a soup diet during those months when I tend to be less active outdoors.

Now, a soup diet doesn’t necessarily mean I only eat soup. It simply means soup is my main course usually for lunch and supper. I pair it with healthy sides. I keep breakfast light and always feature a warm, hot, yummy drink to get me started for the day.

Fall Road Trips

My husband and I are planning a driving vacation this fall. We want to drive through areas that are famous for beautiful fall foliage when the leaves begin to change colors. As we mapped out our route across the United States, there were several highways we were determined to avoid. These thoroughfares have deadly reputations.

For a treacherous drive, the Million Dollar Highway of Colorado is a sure bet. It’s actually Highway 550 but for a twenty-five mile patch it goes by the nickname “Million Dollar Highway”. This part stretches between the tourist trap towns of Silverton and Ouray. As you rise over eleven thousand feet passing through the Red Mountain Pass, traveling into the San Juan Mountains, don’t even think about being distracted.

Easy Costumes

Every fall I am reminded of when I was a child and my mother made costumes for my sisters and me. We lived in a rural area. The nearest shopping center was about sixty miles away. The thought of going shopping for costumes never crossed anyone’s mind.

Although I am raising my children in the city, I have chosen to carry on this tradition with my own children. I have pulled together outfits for Halloween, school programs and church functions. It is an engaging creative process that draws my child and I into a project together. I am not as talented with the sewing machine as my mother. I had to stick with simpler ideas and different tools, like the hot glue gun.

Feng Shui My Girl Space

I’m getting ready to redecorate one of my “empty nest” rooms. I want to try something different so I plan to do a “Feng shui” concept. This is not just a decorating a scheme but it is actually an ancient philosophy system that originated in China. It attempts to harmonize humans with the environment which surrounds them.  It teaches that there are invisible threads that connect everything in the universe.

Color is considered to be a form of energy expression. I want to create a reading space so, according to principles of Feng shui, I should use colors that create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. I should choose colors that reflect the elements of earth and water. These would be complementary shades blue, brown and green. Warmer and more vibrant colors should be used in moderation. Their purpose is to create balance.

Benefits Of Running Outdoors Instead Of On A Treadmill

And let’s not forget that skipping rope, ladies. Yup, let’s not forget the rope. The skipping rope is a versatile and handy little piece of exercise equipment. It’s portable and a lot less weighty than the gym equipment down at your local gym. It’s also a lot lighter on your pocket too. You can purchase a skipping rope at any one of the toy store aisles in your local supermarket even. You can skip at the office or you can skip outside of your kitchen door.

Provided the ceiling is high enough and there’s no furniture and other bits and pieces in harm’s way, you can even skip in your bedroom if you’re that shy. But I wouldn’t be doing that if I were you. If I were you, I’d still be skipping mind you, just not inside. I’d much rather be skipping in the driveway or the backyard, enjoying the sunshine for a few minutes and raising a good old sweat. I’m also in favor of taking a run outdoors instead of inside on a treadmill.

The benefits of running outdoors far outweigh most other indoor exercise activities anyhow. For instance, you even benefit from a natural dose of vitamin D, direct from the sun’s rays. It’s not called sunshine D for nothing. Of course, outdoor joys will always depend on where you’re located and whether your natural surroundings and the weather make it ideal for you to be running outdoors.  Just so long as it doesn’t rain, much cooler climes are perfect for running outside.

Indoor treadmill running, on the other hand, does still have its advantages. When it comes to the essential requirements for health and fitness for women, lifestyle situations have to be weighed up as well. For instance, one woman’s neighborhood might not be ideal for running about at night after work. Also, there’s the inclement weather in many parts of the world. But the big issue always seems to be time. Many women simply say they just don’t have enough time for healthy, wholesome exercising.

This, to my mind, and when it comes to using the treadmill instead of taking a walk or going around a few blocks or out to the park to run, is just a silly excuse. Think just how much time you’ve saved by simply lacing up your running shoes and heading off out your front door straight away. Think just how much instantaneous pleasure you’ll be giving yourself by spending more time outdoors. Of course, I would hope that where you are right now, it’s not raining or snowing.

Apart from the dangers of crime, weather factors can also wreak havoc on the person of the enthusiastic runner or jogger. You become susceptible to nasty injuries when you run off slippery and wet surfaces. Also, as a keen runner, you should never be running near busy transport networks. I’ve seen so many die-hard runners and cyclists, girls, but mostly boys, risk their lives by claiming those smog-infested lanes for themselves.

Where cycling is concerned, it’s great that many cities have implemented designated bicycling lanes for the bikers. But I’m still at my wit’s end where smog is concerned. While I don’t cycle through the city, those that need to should invest in an appropriate mask to protect their lungs from the harmful pollution. Now, while I really, really enjoy taking my runs outdoors, I’m also a big fan of cycling indoors. It’s a great way to kill time after a busy day.

Cycling indoors on a stationary bike, I’m watching a recording of one of my favorite shows. On other evenings, I can spend up to forty-five minutes cycling while watching the evening news, although I have to say just watching the news these days can cause quite a bit of stress which your healthy body and mind certainly doesn’t need.


Does Your Child Have Genius Potential

I have almost two dozen nieces and nephews that were all born before I had my first child. My experience being surrounded by babies all the time helped me realize when one nephew came along that he was special. He was different not in an abnormal, weird way but in a quirky, completely different kind of perspective way. Would this mean he would grow up to become a genius? Were his differences evidence of that kind of potential? Now that he is a grown man and embarking on his career as a bio-geneticist I can see that it did mean just that.

Migraine Relief

I have suffered from migraines all of my life. I was officially diagnosed when I was nine-years-old but I am sure I had been suffering long before that just too young to communicate how sick I was. Over the years I have learned more about my body and certain things that trigger my migraines.

With the colder months approaching, I know the temperature and barometric pressure changes will create a higher risk for migraine occurrence. I have prescription medication I can turn to for relief but I prefer to take the holistic approach as my first line of resistance to attack.

Do We Owe It To Our Kids To Go Organic

Considering the old adage “you are what you eat”, do we owe it to our children’s health and well-being to go organic? It seems that no matter where you may be standing within in any developed country, you will be surrounded by toxic chemicals. And I’m not just talking about a toxic waste dump that could be secretly hiding around the corner in that vacant lot down the road from your house.

The Centers for Disease Control  reports that, on average, any American has trace elements of almost thirty pesticides within the body. A panel of doctors reported that most of this exposure is through food. This threat affects not just the current world population, but future generations as well. Many of these toxins affect reproductive health. In order to secure good health for our children and assure that they can have healthy children of their own, we may very well owe it to our children to go completely organic and become advocates of organic farming methods.