The Water Wars

In our household there has been the great debate, or Water Wars, depending on who you ask, about what is better to drink: tap water, bottled spring water, bottled purified water, or distilled water. What’s the difference between them all? Do those differences really matter to the average drinker?

Simple gal that I am, as well as cheap, I’m all for tap water. I believe our local municipality is doing its job to provide clean water for consumption as well as to be used in personal hygiene and cleaning. I tell everyone that if they are so paranoid about the city being involved in some kind of conspiracy to turn us into social zombies through our water supply we can always invest in one of those purifiers that attaches to the sink or sits in a water pitcher.

The Sky Is Falling

The other day I was driving home in a rainstorm and it began to hail. I pulled over under the protection of a bridge to wait it out then continued on home. Arriving late, my husband had been worried. I told him about my experience. He informed me that the news reported golf ball size hail. I commented that it certainly couldn’t have been any worse if it had actually rained golf balls. That’s when my youngest son, the king of trivia, then schooled us on all sorts of interesting things that have rained down from out of the sky, including golf balls.

The Astronaut Swimming Pool

Astronauts and swimming pools. These two don’t seem to be a match, huh? Well, on any given weekday astronauts arrive at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, don their spacesuit and slip into the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL). The “laboratory” is a six million gallon swimming pool that is kept at a constant 86 degrees Fahrenheit. I recently got to see this baby when I chaperoned a field trip my eight-year-old granddaughter took with her school.

The American ADHD Phenomenon

According to the Centers For Disease Control, over five million American children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with boys being diagnosed  twice as much as girls. Caucasian children are disproportionately represented in these cases at a rate of almost four times as many as other ethnicities. Is this disease a serious epidemic in the United States? If so, why is it not so prevalent in European countries? Could the lack of ADHD cases in European children be evidence that, rather than a medical condition, ADHD is actually a symptom of a cultural dysfunction?

Eating Before, During And After Your Exercise

The jury is still out on whether you should eat before your daily bout of exercise. Kids used to be told to never go outside to play on a full stomach. It would make them sick. Well, if they were loading up on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or processed cold meat sandwiches loaded with tomato ketchup, of course they might get sick. You’d had to be a fool not to know that you can’t quite possibly dine on a hefty cheese burger with fries before going out for a run.

You’re sick and bloated before you’ve even opened the door. But yes, you can eat before going out for a run or beginning your favored or designated workout, whether its weights in the gym or just skipping rope for five minutes. And you can even eat during your exercise. It all really depends what you’re going to be eating before, during and after your exercise. Common sense should also tell you that whatever you’re going to be eating is essentially going to be very good for your body.

Your lifestyle situation also has a role to play. But life doesn’t need to be an unpleasant inconvenience. All you need to do is plan ahead of time and improvise. Adapt your own personal weather conditions and your body, mind and soul will be just fine. If you’re a morning person and who does not need to head off into the traffic to work, you could do your exercise then. And at least two to three hours before your exercise session, you can still enjoy that most important meal of the day.

Yes, that’s right ladies. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. Only this time around it’s going to be healthy and wholesome all year round. How about that. I generally favor a bowl of healthy oats garnished with a few of my favorite garden strawberries, just a dash of plain white yogurt and, to sweeten things up healthily, a teaspoon or two of organic honey over the oats and fruit and yogurt mixture.

While you’re juicing with your exercise, you can also eat. Again, it depends what you’re eating and what form of exercise you’re doing. Exercise and basically all-round physical activities bring the best out of us. It can also make us quite hungry at times. The more intense your exercise, the more intense perceived sugar cravings may be for you. It may feel similar to those you experienced before you starting exercising on a regular basis, but it’s not quite the same thing.

Yes, your body is craving sugar. Only it’s crying out for natural sugar to help it replenish exhausted stocks as a result of your physical exertions. This is why a good juice with your exercise is perfect. Also, you’re not filling your stomach which needs to stay light during its physical intensity. I’ve often seen girls snacking on what they call high-energy snack bars while they’re pedaling on their bikes. But I could never get close enough to read their snacks’ labels.

Just because it says it’s a high-energy snack bar, doesn’t mean it’s all good for you. You may as well just take along with you a slab of sugary and processed chocolate. The right health snack has no preservatives in it and certainly not an ounce of white sugar in it either. I like the new trend in healthy, organic snack bars. These are muesli and oats bars. They’re basically just a compressed version of your breakfast cereal.

This is breakfast on the go. It’s ideal for busy women who need to rush to get off to work. At the office, it’s a relaxing way to start off the day, working your way through your favorite health snack with your freshly brewed cup of black chamomile or green tea. This health fad is great for busy women but I still believe the truly natural alternative is the best. Apart from its obvious nutritional value, you’re not using any unnecessary plastic or paper. You’ve packaged your own mid-morning meal in your own sustainable container which just needs to be washed out when you get home from work later in the day.


Taking It Off Naturally

For years I’ve been doing it all wrong! I’ve been going to bed all teary eyed, with my eyes red and burning. No, I have not been crying myself to sleep, although that may have actually been a kinder thing to do to myself than what I was actually doing. What was it that I was doing? I was removing my makeup with those make-up remover wipes. I thought the red-rimmed, watery eyes were a normal reaction to the cleansers used in the wipes. I assumed these cleansers were good for my skin and harmless. Apparently, I was wrong.

Pompeiian Perfect Teeth

What would happen to my teeth if I completely eliminated sugar from my diet? It seems impossible as sugar is an ingredient in almost every processed food on the market. Personally, I don’t even believe it to be a necessary ingredient in most of them. However, if a person in today’s world really could manage to eradicate sugar completely from their diet, how would the condition of their teeth be affected?

Packing A Healthy Lunchbox

With the kids going back to school, packing lunches is in full swing in our house. One staple product in every bag every single day is the juice box. It seems a no-brainer that juice is healthy and the perfect choice to pack in my son’s lunchbox. But, is it really?

Am I making a choice not to really question whether this is the best choice simply because they are so convenient? According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a serving that is one hundred percent juice can be considered when tallying up your child’s recommended daily amount of vitamins like vitamin C. That means selecting the right product. Don’t get tricked into getting a juice “cocktail” that has added sugar.