Wonder Woman is one of my favorite superheroes. I like Cat Woman too. I had to wonder in awe just how fantastic Wonder Woman looked while Batman and Superman were dueling it out as if Metropolis and Gotham City depended on the outcomes. Well, as it turned out, it did. But Wonder Woman? What did she do, and how did she handle it all? To me, she seemed to take everything in her stride. She didn’t need to be able to fly.

She didn’t need gadgets and gizmos to get things done. All she needed to do was rely on her own fine health, fitness, dieting principles to outwit and outclass. You see, her healthy body, and very fine looking figure, one might add, empowered her to have a healthy mind as well. Now, as things stand, health, fitness and dieting all go together. All-round good health depends a lot on your fitness levels and your daily diet.

Superwomen, or soon to be superwomen, or even present day supermoms, let’s start with the daily diet. It seems a true case of stating the obvious. Of course your daily diet, from Monday to Sunday, must be healthy. But part of the health incentive means ensuring that your diet is varied and wholesome. Yes, it must include certain ingredients that are vital to your unique health condition. For instance, your body might need a bit more calcium than most other average women.

So you’ll be drinking more milk, or ingesting the calcium equivalents if you happen to be strictly vegan. If you’re already super-powered (I almost said like me, but I’m not) then your body probably needs more protein than the less sedentary among women. Your highly active body needs its regular and daily quota of protein which generally comes in the form of organic meat and fish. Poultry (but it must be organic) should be added to the mix as well.

On the go while you’re exercising, you can most certainly do a little bit of juicing with your exercise. It takes a bit of time to get going in the beginning and it may take some getting used to (but not for long). But I can tell you that making your own juice is a lot more fun than feeling bloated over sodas, supermarket bought sugar-inclusive and plastic bottled juices. And while you’re juicing, don’t forget that there is no substitute for natural replenishment to your regular glasses of water throughout the day.

I just stepped away from my workstation for a moment. I was thirsty. And guess what I had to drink? Water. That’s all; just plain and naturally fresh tap water. Of course, you may prefer to filter your water if your area’s pipelines are not sanitary. I’ll be having my favorite tomato and celery juice a little later. But first I must just finish this article for you. Then I’m off to the shops to purchase my healthy supplies, I’ve got my list ready, all done and dusted.

I suppose me being thirst and hungry in this last hour led to me focusing a little more on nutrition than exercise during my own personal crusade on health and fitness for women. But then again, the emphasis on these articles I have written for you is on nutrition. Without good nutrition, how can you be expected to be effective in your endeavors on the road, in the gym or even on the dance floor? Yes, why not. Why not dance as well over weekends.

Or you could enroll in dance classes. These days, most dance genres are catered for. Would you believe there’s even a new dance crave for women called pole dancing. Now, I don’t want to talk about where it originated from, but I did read that this form of dance-inspired exercise is particularly stringent and effective for women. The point I’m also making is to pick and choose your own exercise. You should be able to enjoy yourself with physical forms of body art that interests you the most.

But the basic fitness principles must never be forgotten. Wonder Woman may be doing two workouts of weights on some days but that doesn’t mean you need to. In fact, you’ll want to take care of your body toning as well, getting to look really fabulous while at the same time feeling good about yourself now that you’re glowingly healthy and fit. Light weights for no more than twenty minutes per session, and no more than twice a week is sufficient.

On those other two or three days, you will be doing something different. A run or something a little spicier that’s piquing your passions right now. And then there’s that long, lovely walk over the weekends. Finally, in all the hours that you’re not sweating and exercising, do make sure that you are keeping yourself as physically active as possible. By this I mean that you’ll be doing a lot more things around the house instead of relying on inefficient ciphers to do it for you.