This is my personal and juicy take on what it means to become healthy and fit once more. I say once more because I have only just turned the corner from being overly unhealthy and unhappy for at least the second time in my short life. That being said, I am now highly determined to live a long and healthy and happy life without any let up. This, to my mind, can only be successfully accomplished once you all have the right amount of determination to succeed. Ladies, health and fitness for women, as seen in glossy magazines online or in print, are not to be overrated or ignored.

Imagine my personal, private surprise when I was commissioned once more to write on health and fitness from the personal female point of view. Also, the commissioning editor requested that I insert a take on yet another dieting phenomenon that is slowly but surely taking the rest of the sedentary world by storm. It’s simply called juicing. Juicing entails working with freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice only.

Smoothies is a drink I favor because it is a wonderful complimentary addition to both juicing and your daily exercise and health and lifestyle habits. So, it’s like this. Instead of having to sip on green tea, or just an ice cold orange juice, you get more variety in terms of liquefied nutrients and antioxidants as well as protein sources from the smoothie drink. I think it is fair to say that there is more possibility for variety with flavors.

But more important to me is the matter of protein in the diet of physically active women, particularly those who are approaching middle age or are already in those critical stages of their lives, and older. It’s like growing girls and boys. And it’s like men are really just getting away with murder, yet again. Girls and boys need their daily intake of vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as all the other essential nutrients, to ensure that they grow up healthily with good bone structures, muscle balances and blood cholesterol levels.

One essential ingredient that children will always be craving for is calcium. What child does not enjoy a good glass of milk? And what a pity that more women, young or old, do not take advantage of this healthy dairy drink. Instead of at least a pint of milk a week, many of us, including the physically active ones, prefer a cup of tea or coffee or even an ice cold soda. Soda drinks are a bit of a controversial topic now, isn’t it.

It seems as though we’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about nutritional needs instead of giving a truly new balance to health and fitness issues facing women today. I’m not about to lose the thread of that initiative. So, here is what you can look forward to in the next couple of articles. If I’m not mistaken, we’ll still be chatting about nutrition in the next article. This time, we’ll be remarking on the juicing craze and how easy it is for you to step into the vitamin C and D sunlight.

Then there’s two exercise themes close to my heart. Let’s go for a walk in the park while we have a heart to heart about running and skipping. No jokes, but no chokes either, because skipping offers you one of the best cardiovascular workouts possible. And those who love a bit more fun with their freedom can look forward to a bit of trampolining which carries equally effective cardiovascular effects, only this time it’s a lot easier on those shoulders and calf muscles.