Upgrade Me, Please

This fall my husband and I plan to do some traveling. We don’t have loads of money to book first class accommodations throughout the trip. There are, however, some secrets on how to manage to receive upgrades and get the star treatment.

How can such a thing happen before you even arrive? How can an upgrade at the time of booking happen? How can you score a free room-service breakfast throughout your stay? How can you receive the privilege of late checkout with no extra charge? And a complimentary spa package you say? Yes! It’s possible!

The Sky Is Falling

The other day I was driving home in a rainstorm and it began to hail. I pulled over under the protection of a bridge to wait it out then continued on home. Arriving late, my husband had been worried. I told him about my experience. He informed me that the news reported golf ball size hail. I commented that it certainly couldn’t have been any worse if it had actually rained golf balls. That’s when my youngest son, the king of trivia, then schooled us on all sorts of interesting things that have rained down from out of the sky, including golf balls.

The Astronaut Swimming Pool

Astronauts and swimming pools. These two don’t seem to be a match, huh? Well, on any given weekday astronauts arrive at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, don their spacesuit and slip into the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL). The “laboratory” is a six million gallon swimming pool that is kept at a constant 86 degrees Fahrenheit. I recently got to see this baby when I chaperoned a field trip my eight-year-old granddaughter took with her school.

Fall Road Trips

My husband and I are planning a driving vacation this fall. We want to drive through areas that are famous for beautiful fall foliage when the leaves begin to change colors. As we mapped out our route across the United States, there were several highways we were determined to avoid. These thoroughfares have deadly reputations.

For a treacherous drive, the Million Dollar Highway of Colorado is a sure bet. It’s actually Highway 550 but for a twenty-five mile patch it goes by the nickname “Million Dollar Highway”. This part stretches between the tourist trap towns of Silverton and Ouray. As you rise over eleven thousand feet passing through the Red Mountain Pass, traveling into the San Juan Mountains, don’t even think about being distracted.

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